By: Jessie Banwait

The Best Kept Secret, The GTA - South Mississauga & The Community of Lakeview

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Hi everyone. Jessie Banwait here with the Jessie Banwait team with Re/Max Real Estate Center. Now, today I'm here in Toronto, the Financial District, and I just finished meeting with a client who's looking to upsize to accommodate his growing family needs. Now currently, he lives in a two-bedroom condo in the center of Toronto, which is way too small. Now, his ideal home is a detached home with three bedrooms, two washrooms, a driveway, and got a backyard. Now, this in Toronto in a nice neighborhood would cost easily upwards of $1.5 million. So I suggested to him why not take a look at Lakeview, Mississauga, which is about 15 kilometers west of here? Let's go have a look.

- [Announcer] The next station is Long Branch.

- In Lakeview, you get the best of both worlds, mid-century homes and nearly a quarter acre lots on treeline streets and mature neighborhoods with parks, beaches, trails and good schools, world-class shopping and much more at comparatively low price points all while being a short drive or train ride from downtown Toronto. A turnkey three-bedroom, two-bath, single car garage home on a 62 by 138 lot just sold for 1.25 million. With a budget of 1.25 million in popular Trinity-Bellwoods gets you 1100 square foot rundown semi that will require a huge investment of time and money to get up to date. Comparable homes in the beaches will set you back $2 million. When compared to Eatonville, Markland Woods, Kingsway, Lakeview still comes at a lower price point.

So here we are at Long Branch GO Station. I just arrived and it took me 21 minutes. This is one of the reasons which makes Lakeview the optimum place for young families trying to upsize out of the core. Lakeview is the nexus of affordable suburban living with close proximity to the core.

In the next video we'll explore the Lakeview community and all that it has to offer, so join me in that video. Thanks. I'm Jesse Banwait with the Jesse Banwait team with the Re/Max Real Estate Center. Thanks for watching.