Hamilton LRT/
April 17, 2019

By: Jessie Banwait

Hamilton LRT/
April 17, 2019

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 Another important project is coming to Hamilton, and this time is about Transit as well. The new Hamilton Light Transit rail will offer a frequent, reliable and safe service that will run from McMaster University in the west, through downtown Hamilton to Eastgate in Stoney Creek.
These projections will generate a significant demand to move people throughout the city and connect them to employment and the services and supports they need. Hamilton LRT is focused on improving
access to transit and supporting the continued growth and revitalization of the
city. It will help create a better balance between daily car and transit use, reducing congestion and related impacts.

Route and Stops



Hamilton LRT will take 32 minutes approximately to travel across the line. It will count with 17 stops with a track of 14 km. It is also estimated that trains will run every 6 minutes during peak hours.

This new project promises an innovative way to reduce traffic and save transportation time. Hamilton LRT will bring many benefits not only to the community, but also to the environment. Other benefits are:

For more information about this project check the following video?