Need help Moving? Check this out!

By: Jessie Banwait

Need help Moving? Check this out!

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“Moving is so much fun!” Said no one ever. We all know moving is incredibly stressful - from buying supplies, to doing the dirty work of packing up, cleaning up, throwing out of old things, sealing up of boxes, to the renting of and sourcing of movers, trucks, etc. It is no wonder a vacation often times shortly follows. 


One thing we’ve recently learned about is: MovingWaldo


We are by no means affiliated with the company so there is no commission for the mention, just the added peace of my mind for customers as a reward. This new tool is great MovingWaldo because it takes the long list of administrative tasks and shrinks it down to a tiny little checkbox for you to cross off and move on to the rest of your packing, and your life. So here is the list of why we love them:

  1. First of all, it’s free. Need we say more?
  2. They will update your new address across a long list of organizations, including the government, financial institutions, reward programs, mobile phone carriers, all in one shot.
  3. Get internet, TV and Phone set-up assistance that is geolocated based on your new address sourced in one spot.
  4. Shop for insurance. (Don’t forget that moving may have an impact on your home and auto insurance premium based on your area).
In short, it’s a quick tool we hope will help alleviate the stress that comes with relocating into a new home.