By: Jessie Banwait

New Service: 3D Walkthroughs via Matterport / April 28, 2015

Tags: Real Estate

Augmented reality gaming, 3D printing, and artificially intelligent assistants have become common place amongst many technology enthusiasts and will continue to become more prevalent. In real estate, there are also many innovative solutions that are available to agents to enhance a listing. Although, we are a few years a way from beaming yourself into your future home, you can view your future home in a flexble 3D projection. This new technology allows you to do virtual walkthroughs with extreme detail. This technology is from a company called Matterport who uses an advanced camera to create these dollhouse like projections of your home. 

Here is an example of a recent sold listing we did at Broadview Lofts in Toronto. Click here to view the 3D walkthrough.


This is something we will be including in all future listings as an added service along with professional photos and video of your home. We feel this added touch will definitely draw in prospective buyers as it will allow them to visualize the space right away without having to wait to see it in person.

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