5 Things You Must Do When Selling Your Home/ June 26th, 2020

By: Jessie Banwait

5 Things You Must Do When Selling Your Home/ June 26th, 2020

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Hi everyone, Jessie Banwait, The Jessie Banwait Team. I want to talk about five things that you need to make sure you do to maximize the amount of money that you're going to make when you sell your house, and how quickly you're going to sell your home. Since the onset of Convid-19, The Real Estate landscaped has changed dramatically in the last few months and as we continue to drift into unknown territory, the biggest thing you will need when selling your home will be exposure.


     You want to make sure that we expose your house through digital marketing to the masses. Most likely you're actually watching this video through a detailed target market ad, where I'm actually pixeling you and making sure that I'm exposing you to it and that you're seeing it. We're actually averaging about over 50,000 views on every video that we do per house. Not to mention over 50 hours of video views of just watching one video alone, like the one you're watching here. It's all done through a detailed digital marketing plan that's taken so much time, effort, energy to really learn and specialize, and we continue to make it better and better. Now, what else is super important that you need to make sure you do when you're selling your house. You need to make sure you hire somebody that's really good at negotiating. Think about this, if the average agent in the GTA only sells six homes a year and 50% of agents sell less than two homes a year; are they really able to negotiate on your behalf to the best of their ability? Our team is consistently ranked amongst the top 5% in the GTA, so we really are experts at negotiating and we continue to learn and grow to make sure we're updating ourselves on what's new, and how we can best serve and negotiate on behalf of our sellers.

     Now here's something else you need to think about, price, condition, and location. Now here's the deal. Everyone always thinks their house is worth more than it is. I even do that when I sell my own house. It's very, very normal. But you have to make sure that you aren't just looking at an online home evaluation. It doesn't really take into effect all the specific features of your house. It doesn't take into affect whether or not you have a pool, your upgrades, if the condition is good or poor, that stuff is really, really important, right? If any of those things are off, if the condition is off, if the location is off if you live near a busy, busy street if you live in a court, and that's a good thing. All of those things affect the price. So you need to make accommodations, you need to make an adjustment, just like an appraiser would. So remember, at times like this when showing ability has been limited, exposure and marketing are super, super important when you're buying and selling. You need to make sure you hire someone that's an awesome negotiator, has tons of experience, because remember, every single person in the world knows a realtor There's so many of us out there. Don't trust the biggest investment of your entire life in the hands of someone who only sells a few houses a year! Go to an expert. Go to somebody who's going to expose it to the masses, who's an expert at their game, who takes their job seriously, who does it full time, and has your best interest at heart.

Again, my name is Jessie Banwait and I would love to help you with anything real estate related. If you're thinking about buying or selling please give me a call. I want you to know that I take my profession very, very seriously. I make it my point and priority to be on the cutting edge of innovation, technology, as well as market trends, so I can serve my community and those that I'm trying to help. Please forward this video to somebody who might be thinking about buying or selling. This is Jessie Banwait with The Jessie Banwait Team.