Incandescent vs. CFL vs. LED Lighting - which one is the best?

By: Jessie Banwait

Incandescent vs. CFL vs. LED Lighting - which one is the best?

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As we enter the end of daylight savings time, you'll probably notice yourself turning on a lot more lights in your home. It got us thinking, what lightbulbs will save you money on your electricity bill?

The short answer is: LED lights.

With technology innovations driving down the cost, LED lighting is the best option. It's great for the environment, and really pays off in the long run. The traditional style incandescent light bulbs of our childhood are slowly becoming defunct as they're more of a hazard and don't last very long. The other choice is called CFL or compact florescent lights which use mercury and argon to create ultraviolet light that translates to visible light. Yes, not the safest option, and also takes some time to really power up to maximum lighting, plus you can't use it for dimmers.

Here's a handy chart that really drives down the fact that LED lighting is a better option in the long run:

Lightbulb Chart - courtesy of:
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To ensure you really save in the long run, here are some tips:

Do you have LED lights in your home? Have you seen a lower electricity bill?