Meadowvale - Popular

Meadowvale has recently began to gain popularity, the reasons being how good the quality of schools are, and the size of properties. Meadowvale is the perfect place for first time homebuyers with a growing family. There is tons of greenery such as Settler’s Green Park, Plowman’s Park, Maplewood Park and Windrush Woods.


Public and Seperate Schools in the Meadowvale Community

School Names Grades Type Location
Settler’s Green Public School K – 5 Public 5800 Montevideo Road
Plum Tree Park Public School K – 5 Public 6855 Tenth Line W
Miller’s Grove Public School K – 5 Public 6325 Miller’s Grove
Maple Wood Public School 6 – 8 Public 2650 Gananoque Drive
Edenwood Middle School 7 – 8 Public 6770 Edenwood Drive
Meadowvale Secondary School 9 – 12 Public 6700 Edenwood Drive
West Credit Secondary School 9 – 12 Public 6325 Montevideo Road
St. Richard K – 8 Seperate 7270 Copenhagen Road
St. John of the Cross K – 8 Seperate 3180 Aquitaine Avenue
St. Teresa of Avila K – 8 Seperate 6675 Montevideo Road
St. Elizabeth Seton K – 8 Seperate 6133 Glen Erin Drive
St. Aloysius Gonzaga Secondary School 9 – 12 Seperate 2800 Erin Centre Blvd.
Our Lady of Mount Carmel 9 – 12 Seperate 3700 Trelawny Circle

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